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Hentetsunai Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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ćŖ悓恮ćø悓恦恤悂ćŖć„ę­£é¢é””ćŒä½œć‚Œć¾ć™ ā€»ē›®ć€ćƒć‚¤ćƒ©ć‚¤ćƒˆć€ēœ‰ć€å£ć€é»’å­ć®ä½ē½®ćŖ恩äøŠäø‹(左右)ē§»å‹•ć§čŖæę•“ć—ć¦ćć ć•ć„ šŸ‘ä½œć£ćŸē”»åƒć‚’å…±ęœ‰ć™ć‚‹å “合ćÆćƒ”ćƒ¼ć‚«ćƒ¼åć‚’äø€ē·’ć«ęē¤ŗć™ć‚‹ć‚ˆć†ćŠé”˜ć„ć—ć¾ć™ šŸ‘ć‚‚ć—ć‚¢ć‚¤ć‚³ćƒ³ē­‰ć«ä½æć„ćŸć„å “åˆćƒ—ćƒ­ćƒ•ę¬„ć§ć®ęē¤ŗē­‰ćÆåæ…č¦ć‚ć‚Šć¾ć›ć‚“ćŒć“ć®ćƒ”ćƒ¼ć‚«ćƒ¼ć§ä½œć£ćŸę™‚ē‚¹ć§ć®ē”»åƒć‚’å‰ć‚‚ć£ć¦ęµć—ć¦ćć ć•ć„ šŸˆ²č‡Ŗ作ē™ŗč؀(恝恆ćØ悂ćØ悌悋悈恆ćŖč”Øē¾å«ć‚) äŗŒę¬”配åøƒć€ę‚Ŗē”ØćÆćŠę­¢ć‚ćć ć•ć„ ćć®ä»–åøø識恮ēÆ„å›²å†…ć§ćŠä½æ恄恏恠恕恄(ę‚Ŗꄏ恕恈ćŖć‘ć‚Œć°å¤§ä½“šŸ‰‘恧恙)

You can make a ridiculous front face. * Adjust by moving up and down (left and right) such as the positions of eyes, highlights, eyebrows, mouth, and moles. šŸ‘ If you want to share the created image, please show the manufacturer name together šŸ‘ If you want to use it for icons etc. You do not need to show it in the profile column, but the image at the time of making with this maker is shown in advance please šŸˆ² Self-made remarks (including expressions that can be taken) Please stop secondary distribution and misuse Please use within the range of other common sense (generally šŸ‰‘ if there is no malicious intent)

(Translated by 'Google translate')