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White youngster fabricating laboratory(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

貴方だけの白い子を造ってみよう!! 無いと思うけど商用利用、二次配布、自作発言、加工等禁止 ルールを守って楽しくデュエル!! 自分のキャラクターからパーツを引っ張ってきているので自由度はあまり高くないかもしれません…… 至らないところも沢山あるよ! ★ちょっと重いかなって感じなので初手で何も表示されていなかったらランダムを押してみると良いかもしれない(自分はそれでいけました)

Let's make your own white child! !! I don't think there is, but commercial use, secondary distribution, self-made remarks, processing, etc. are prohibited Follow the rules and have fun with Duel! !! I'm pulling parts from my character, so the degree of freedom may not be very high ... There are many places that can't be reached! ★ It feels a little heavy, so if nothing is displayed in the first move, you may try pressing random (I was able to do it)

(Translated by 'Google translate')