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A man producer with a short supporting face(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

低身長、白目、三白眼、とがった口、出っ歯、歯抜け、全反射メガネ、ハゲ、糸目などただのわたしが好きなやつだけ詰めたクセの強すぎるキャラメーカーです。イケメンが作れないのは仕様ですごめんね…。 TRPGのどうでもよいモブNPCアイコンなどに使えるような気がしなくもないです。なお、名義の者とミミタニ先輩も作れます。 作った人→T長(@jemibiozoms)

Short stature, white eyes, three white eyes, pointed mouth, protruding teeth, toothlessness, total internal reflection glasses, baldness, thread eyes, etc. It is a character maker with a strong habit of packing only the ones I like. I'm sorry that I can't make good-looking guys because of the specifications ... I feel like I can use it as a mob NPC icon that doesn't matter in TRPG. In addition, you can also make a person in the name and senior Mimitani. The person who made it → T length (@jemibiozoms)

(Translated by 'Google translate')