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5EYED IMAGEMAKER(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hi! Thanks for checking out my Picrew! I hope you enjoy it! 👁 A lot of the items come in different colors, and the clothes include different designs for each item in the color choices. 👁 I have updated the picrew to 500 items, all the item slots are full, I cannot add any more items and am not taking any more suggestions. Yes, it's OK to use the image as an icon, just don't crop out credit, or add it on your blog if you do. Please do not trace or reference my art. I fully oppose my art being used for the purposes of transphobic, homophobic, racist, sexist or other discriminatory caricature. (Thank you to suteki-momo on tumblr for the japanese translation:) 👁👁👁👁👁 こんにちは!僕のきせかえを遊んでくれてありがとう!ぜひお楽しんで下さい! 👁 多くのアイテムは色んな色があって、服には色が変わる時にデザインも変わる場合もあります。 👁 @5EYED 👁 5eyed.tumblr.com 👁 instagram.com/5eyed 👁 4theye.tumblr.com 👁

Hi! Gratitude for looking at my Picrew! I truly want to believe that you appreciate it! A ton of the things come in various varieties, and the garments remember various plans for every thing for the variety decisions. I have refreshed the picrew to 500 things, all the thing spaces are full, I can't add additional things and am not taking additional ideas. Indeed, it's OK to involve the picture as a symbol, simply don't edit out credit, or add it on your blog in the event that you do. Kindly don't follow or reference my craft. I completely go against my craft being utilized for the reasons for transphobic, homophobic, bigot, chauvinist or other oppressive exaggeration. (Much thanks to you to suteki-momo on tumblr for the japanese interpretation:) @5EYED 5eyed.tumblr.com instagram.com/5eyed 4theye.tumblr.com

(Translated by 'Google translate')