How to make cherry master -

체리마스터 자캐만들기
How to make cherry master(Translated by 'Google translate')
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열심히 만들었어요~! 많이 해주세요 트위터에 올리실때 #체마픽크루 라고 올려주시면 무척 고마울꺼 같아요~! 누군가가 제껄로 꾸미는걸 구경하고 싶어요! 만들다 힘들어서 몇개는 빠졌고 몇개는 프리소스로 대체한게 많지만 나중에 차차 업로드 할께요~!

I worked hard on it! please do a lot I think it would be very grateful if you post #Cemapickrew when you post it on Twitter~! I'd love to see someone decorate it for me! It was difficult to make, so some were missing, and some were replaced with free sources, but I'll upload them later~!

(Translated by 'Google translate')