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We are sorry(Translated by 'Google translate')
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可哀想で救われない女の子の遺影が作れます。 🖤ランダムはおすすめしません 🖤流血表現注意 リクエスト、質問、問題がございましたら下記アカウントのDMまでお願いします。 (只今ネタ切れ中なのでリクくれたら嬉しいです) twitter…https://mobile.twitter.com/moninkyu 9/17 髪の毛に黄と緑、肌パーツの修正と追加、顔の小物パーツを移動と2個付けれるように新たに変更。遊べる幅が増えました(多分) 9/11 久しぶりに更新。顔血3パーツと口3パーツ追加。 4/8 遊び方を追加。

You can make the remains of a poor and unsaved girl. 🖤 Random is not recommended 🖤 Bleeding expression attention If you have any requests, questions, or problems, please contact the DM of the account below. (I'm running out of material right now, so I'd be happy if you could ask me) twitter… https://mobile.twitter.com/moninkyu 9/17 Yellow and green on the hair, correction and addition of skin parts, and new changes so that two small facial parts can be attached. More playable width (maybe) 9/11 Updated after a long time. Added 3 parts for facial blood and 3 parts for mouth. 4/8 Added how to play.

(Translated by 'Google translate')