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evil dog(Translated by 'Google translate')
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爽哎 百年后的更新! 想不到吧咱又更新!更新!了! 增加了各种个人爱好的玩意儿 微的有人外向? ★增加了新的体子 好几种颜色可以选 ★增加了新衣服 ★增加了新背景 ★增加了新发型 ★总之增加了一堆乱七八糟的东西 ★老体子和新体子的东西基本不互通 ★突发的加了人外体子 可以搞点异形头了(?) 血表现注意! *千万不要随机 ★去掉多余东西的方法就是点"x" 以防有人不知道咱多说一句

Cool update after a hundred years! Unexpectedly, we will update again! renew! ! Add a variety of personal hobbies to the gadgets. Some people are outgoing? ★Added a new body of several colors to choose from ★Added new clothes ★Added a new background ★Added a new hairstyle ★In short, a bunch of messy things have been added ★ Sudden addition of human body can make some abnormal head (?) Watch out for blood! *Never random ★The way to get rid of extra stuff is to click "x" in case someone doesn't know let's say something more

(Translated by 'Google translate')