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Small kid maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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---------------------更新情報--------------------- 19/11/24 ミス修正 --------------------------------------------------- ランダム非推奨 あほ毛とかほくろはどっかいってもリセットで戻ってきます 作った人: --------------------------------------------------- 動かせるやつ: ほくろ、手、メッシュ、めがね、まゆげ、あほ毛 色変えられるやつ: 肌、目(片目ずつ)、毛系 ---------------------更新履歴--------------------- 19/04/19 後ろ髪を1つ、前髪を2つ追加しました 19/04/13 手追加、飾りの星整形 19/04/12 目の色に紫、髪色にオレンジ、 後ろ髪にぼさぼさロング、結い髪に短いのとハネてるの、 髪飾りにゆめえびを追加。 19/04/11 ねずみみ、たれみみ、メッシュを追加しました。 メッシュは色変え、移動、回転、拡大縮小して うまい具合にやってください。 また、けもみみの色が髪の毛と連動しなくなりました。

---------------------update information--------------------- 19/11/24 Miscorrection -------------------------------------------------- --- Random deprecated Ahoge and moles will come back with a reset even if they are sick. Created by: -------------------------------------------------- --- The one who can move: Mole, hands, mesh, glasses, eyebrows, ahoge The one who can change the color: Skin, eyes (one eye at a time), hair system ---------------------Change log--------------------- 19/04/19 Added 1 back hair and 2 bangs 19/04/13 Hand addition, decorative star shaping 19/04/12 Purple for eye color, orange for hair color, The back hair is rough and long, and the tied hair is short. Added dream shrimp to hair ornaments. 19/04/11 Added mice, sagging, and mesh. Change the color of the mesh, move it, rotate it, scale it up and down, and do it nicely. Also, the color of Kemomimi is no longer linked to the hair.

(Translated by 'Google translate')