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Yukima character creator preliminary version(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

SNS、TRPG等に使えるアイコンが作れるメーカー。 自作発言はおやめください。 12/23 お試し版 素材は出来次第追加予定。 12/26 髪色三色、後ろ髪、横髪前面、前髪各一種類追加。 12/27 髪色二色、後ろ髪四種類、前髪二種類、横髪前面、横髪背面各一種類追加。 12/28 結び髪左、結び髪右各一種類追加。 1/1 前髪二種類、服一種類追加。 1/2 髪色六種類追加。 1/3 瞳の仕様変更、カラー追加。 不具合報告、リクエストなどはTwitter(@calamintha_ykm)まで。

A manufacturer that can create icons that can be used for SNS, TRPG, etc. Please refrain from making your own remarks. 12/23 Trial version Materials will be added as soon as possible. 12/26 Added one type each of three hair colors, back hair, front side hair, and bangs. 12/27 Added 2 types of hair color, 4 types of back hair, 2 types of bangs, 1 type each of front side hair and back side hair. 12/28 One type of knot left and one type of knot right added. 1/1 Added 2 types of bangs and 1 type of clothes. 1/2 Added 6 types of hair color. 1/3 Eye specifications changed, color added. For bug reports and requests, please contact Twitter (@calamintha_ykm).

(Translated by 'Google translate')