It's hard in winter, it's cold -

It's hard in winter, it's cold(Translated by 'Google translate')
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勉強の息抜きで作った。3時間くらいで作った。ほんのちょっとしか変えられない。色変えて遊ぶ程度。これ以上増える予感はない。そんなことより勉強をしなきゃならない。勉強したくない。 パーツとか基本1個しか作ってないので色変えるパレットとか無いです。そのままアイテムのところで色変えてください。前髪、触覚、後ろの髪で色の連動とかも面倒くさくてやってないです。ごめんね。 どんなパーツがあるかのヤツとかも画像作り忘れちゃって、もうめんどいんで分かりにくいと思いますけど真っ白のままで頑張って探してください。すんません。 遊びにくいだろうけど、まぁ自分が突発的な衝動にかられて適当に作ったものだし。息抜きだし。有り得んほど雑だけどしょうがない。別にいいでしょう。画像を保存したいので公開だけします。すみません。自分勝手で。 いつも支えて下さる全ての皆様に感謝と敬意を込めて。ありがとう、ありがとう。世界よ平和であれ。眠い。

I made it as a break from studying. I made it in about 3 hours. You can change only a little. Just change the color and play. There is no expectation that it will increase any more. I have to study more than that. I do not want to study. I only make one part or basic, so I don't have a palette to change colors. Please change the color at the item as it is. I don't have trouble with color interlocking with bangs, tactile sensation, and back hair. sorry. I forgot to make an image of what kind of parts there are, and I think it's annoying and difficult to understand, but please do your best to find it in pure white. I'm sorry. It's hard to play, but I made it properly because of a sudden impulse. Take a break. It's unbelievably rough, but it can't be helped. It would be nice. I want to save the image, so I will only publish it. excuse me. On your own. With gratitude and respect for all who have always supported me. Thank you thank you. Be peaceful in the world. sleepy.

(Translated by 'Google translate')