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케이크를 만들어보자!
Let's make a cake!(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

크리스마스 축제에 가져갈 '케이크'를 만들어야 한다! 매번 무전취식으로 축제에 오는 눈유시인을 못마땅하게 여긴 눈도부장. 이번에는 직접 케이크를 만들어 보라 하는데?! 눈유시인의 실력이 꽝이다?! 눈유시인을 도와 예쁜 케이크를 만들어 보자!!

Make a 'cake' to take to the Christmas festivities! The director of the snow dodo was displeased with the snow-witted poet who came to the festival every time without taking any food. This time, you want to try making a cake yourself?! The eyewitness skill is lousy?! Let's help the blind man make a pretty cake!!

(Translated by 'Google translate')