Keronin Pickrew -

케론인 픽크루
Keronin Pickrew(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

케론인의 인장을 직접 제작해 쓸 수 있는 픽크루입니다. 아무도 없어서 직접 만들었습니다. 출처만 밝혀주신다면 재업로드, 인장 사용은 자유입니다. 재가공(=덧그리기,수정) OK입니다. 하지만 재가공했다고 자신이 창작자인것처럼 홍보하진 말아주세요. 출처는 (@minit_community) 나 해당 픽크루의 주소를 써 붙여 게시해주세요. 상업적 이용은 엄금합니다.

This is a pick crew that can directly craft and use the Seal of the Keronin. No one had it, so I made it myself. Re-uploading and using the seal are free as long as the source is identified. Reprocessing (= redrawing, editing) is OK. However, please do not promote yourself as if you were a creator just because it was reworked. Please post the source (@minit_community) or the address of the pick-up. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.

(Translated by 'Google translate')