Illness Kawa Animal Maker -

Illness Kawa Animal Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

非商用かつ個人利用の範囲内で自由に利用できます♪ (SNSアイコン、ヘッダー画像、個人サイト・ブログでの利用、自分で撮影した画像へのスタンプとしての使用など) 第三者の利用を前提としたアプリやWEBサービスでの利用、配布、展示を前提とした印刷物などには無断で利用はできません。 筆マークを押して色を好みで変更してね♪ アイテムはのんびり追加していこうと思っています。 リクエストがあれば作者に気軽に話しかけて下さい(*´ω`*) ★作者★ @Planetaxriuxm @YAMIKAWA_holic_ 毒入りFancy*creator ♥♡Riu-りう-♡♥ 病みかわLINEスタンプ・絵文字・着せかえつくってます。 Available freely within the scope of non-commercial and personal use ♪ (SNS icon, header image, use in personal sites and blogs, use as a stamp for images taken by myself, etc.) It can not be used without permission for the use in the application and WEB service which assumed the use of the third party, distribution, and the printed matter which assumed the display. Press the brush mark and change the color as you like ♪ I'm thinking of adding items slowly. Please feel free to talk to the author if there is a request (* 'ω `*) 20190710

(SNS) WEB (**) Planetaxriuxm @YAMIKAWA_holic_ Fancy*creator Riu- - LINE Accessible uninhibitedly inside the extent of non-business and individual use (SNS symbol, header picture, use in private locales and online journals, use as a stamp for pictures taken without anyone else, and so on.) It can not be involved without consent for the utilization in the application and WEB administration which accepted the utilization of the outsider, dissemination, and the printed matter which expected the presentation. Press the brush imprint and change the variety as you like I'm considering adding things gradually. If it's not too much trouble, go ahead and converse with the creator in the event that there is a solicitation (* ' '*) 20190710

(Translated by 'Google translate')