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Ordinary man maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

不定期更新(?) アイコン、TRPGのキャラシで使用、二次創作、加工可○ 自作発言、二次配布、商用利用、非商用利用、トレス禁止× [email protected] —————————— 当头像、用在TRPG人物卡里、借用设定当OC(这么普通的元素组合有什么借用的必要吗)、加工都可以 宣称或让人误解成自己画的、描图、商用利用、非商用利用(指非商业但有盈利目的的同人制品)不可以 *在稍微超出个人利用范围但仍不涉及盈利的地方使用的话请带上picrew的链接和我的ID><(比如用在公开发布的模组里作为NPC形象之类 [email protected]

Irregularly updated(?) アイコン, TRPGのキャラシで use, secondary creation, processing can be ○ Self-proclaimed, secondary distribution, commercial use, non-commercial use, forbidden × twitter @RUMSRF ————————— When avatars, used in TRPG character cards, borrowed settings as OC (is there any need to borrow such a common combination of elements), processing can be claimed or misunderstood as self-drawing, drawing, commercial use, non-commercial use (referring to non-commercial but profit-making fanarts) not allowed *If you use it in places that are slightly beyond the scope of personal use but still not involving profit, please bring the link of picrew and my ID>< (such as using it as an NPC image in a publicly released mod, etc. [email protected]

(Translated by 'Google translate')