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Lobe Institute(Translated by 'Google translate')
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→LobotomyCorporation二次創作← Lobotomy steam: https://steamcommunity.com/games/568220/announcements/detail/3227268492817347386?l=japanese 腦葉公司EGO全部JK化。 你應該知道: 1.畫畫好tm累,我畫不動勒…… 2.但我好無聊,所以我會繼續做著好tm累的事情補充更多的散件和EGO。 3.你可以拿這個捏人來捏你家員工,可以拿來做頭像(雖然我覺得我畫的好醜,我怕一萬年后我畫技變好了時我看見你頭像會慘叫著刪除這個頁面),可以分享在公共平台給別人看,但不要拿來做你的語c人設圖、擴列圖和同人配圖等等。商用更加絕對禁止。鑑於畫這個玩意的作者自己也是語擦人,違反這一條的話有概率被我發現並拳擊。 4.……真的很想拿來當人設圖擴列圖之類的話,可以lofter上私信我要授權。我的lofter名稱是:雅·諾瓦克 —————————————— 11.10 *追加了[闪金冲锋][失乐园][薄暝]套装 *添加了和没有差不多的简单背景 —————————————— 11.14 *追加了[目灯][猩红创痕][郁蓝创痕]套装 *追加部分零零碎碎的饰品 *天启鸟鸡翅进行了私心优化 —————————————— 11.15 *追加了[不和][月光][荧光菌孢][沉醉] *胸部及手部饰品补完 *眼睛、高光的颜色和品种增加 —————————————— 11.20 *追加了[黄蜂][穿刺乐园][余香] *增加了部分发型和发色

→Secondary creation of LobotomyCorporation← Lobotomy steam: https://steamcommunity.com/games/568220/announcements/detail/3227268492817347386?l=japanese The lobe company EGOs are all JKized. You should know: 1. I'm tired of drawing, but I can't draw... 2. But I'm so bored, so I'll continue to do good tm tired things to add more spare parts and EGO. 3. You can use this pinch to pinch your employees, and you can use it as an avatar (although I think my drawing is so ugly, I am afraid that in 10,000 years, when my painting skills get better, I will scream when I see your avatar Delete this page), you can share it on the public platform for others to see, but don't use it as your language c person design map, expansion map and fan map, etc. Commercial use is absolutely prohibited. Given that the author who drew this thing is also rude, there is a chance that I will find out and punch me if I violate this rule. 4....If you really want to use it as a person to design a map, you can privately message me on Lofter to authorize it. My lofter name is: Ja Novak —————————————— 11.10 *Added the [Golden Charge] [Paradise Lost] [Thin Ming] set *Added a simple background similar to none —————————————— 11.14 *Added [Eye Lamp] [Scarlet Scar] [Yulan Scar] set *Add some bits and pieces of accessories *Apocalypse bird chicken wings have been optimized for personal reasons ———————————— 11.15 *Added [Discord][Moonlight][Fluorescent Spores][Intoxication] *Complete chest and hand accessories * Increased color and variety of eyes, highlights ———————————— 11.20 *Added [Wasp] [Puncture Paradise] [Persistent Fragrance] *Added some hairstyles and hair colors

(Translated by 'Google translate')