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Miracle Orange(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

这个Picrew界面是香港艺人郭富城先生的二次创作,大部分的造型基于他的电影角色和演唱会造型,请在使用或游玩前务必知悉这一点。 作者@美汁由果粒橙,发现bug和建议请微博联系,想看什么新衣服也可以和我说,个人使用随意,但记得署名和告知我 1.0版本 -106个图层 -放置了最基本的几个造型和衍生(以及私心) -可能有几个部件会重叠和出界,下次大更新的时候再改,因为改动很麻烦…… 下次更新大概是深圳演唱会

This Picrew interface is the second creation of Hong Kong artist Mr. Aaron Kwok. Most of the styles are based on his movie characters and concert styles. Please be sure to know this before using or playing. The author @美酒有果果 Orange, if you find bugs and suggestions, please contact us on Weibo. You can also tell me what new clothes you want to see. Personal use is optional, but remember to sign and let me know Version 1.0 - 106 layers - Placed the most basic shapes and derivatives (and selfishness) - There may be several parts that overlap and go out of bounds, and I will change them in the next big update, because the changes are very troublesome... The next update is probably the Shenzhen concert

(Translated by 'Google translate')