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Fall staff(Translated by 'Google translate')
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※遊ぶ前に必ず御一読お願いいたします🙇‍♂️ このメーカーは、Steamゲーム『lobotomy corporation』のカスタムパーツを元に作らせて頂いた二次創作着せ替えです※悪用・悪口・自作発言等はご遠慮ください ⚠️流血表現有 ・服はペイントマーク押すとポーズ変換できます(計2パターン) ・試作品故頻繁にパーツ修正しますが気にしないで下さい (完全版を遊びたい方は後3ヶ月ほどお待ち下さい) ・Egoスーツはまだ少ないのであまり期待しないで下さい ハッシュタグにてリクエストされた順に作ってるので気長にお待ち下さい ・作ったメーカー画像はTwitterのアイコンやヘッダーとしてご自由にどうぞ 但しめちゃくちゃ映えません笑 【お知らせ】 (10/31) ・一部の髪色パーツに違和感が生じたのでカラーを原作に寄せました(白除く) ・新しく髪色を3種類追加しました ・Egoスーツの一部を修正しました ・Egoギフトを少し追加しました ・レイヤー数がオーバーしたので一部のパーツを別レイヤーにまとめました ↓二次創作ガイドライン(必読)はこちらから↓ https://steamcommunity.com/games/568220/announcements/detail/3227268492817347386?l=japanese

* Please be sure to read it before playing 🙇‍♂️ This maker is a secondary creative dress-up made based on the custom parts of the Steam game "lobotomy corporation" * Abuse - Slandering - Please refrain from making your own remarks etc. ⚠️ Bloody expression available - Clothes can be changed to pose by pressing the paint mark (2 patterns in total) - Because it is a prototype, I often modify parts, but don't worry (If you want to play the full version, please wait for about 3 months) - Ego suits are still scarce so don't expect too much Please be patient as we make it in the order requested by the hashtag. - Feel free to use the created maker image as a Twitter icon or header. However, it doesn't look messed up lol 【news】 (10/31) - Some hair color parts have a feeling of strangeness, so I moved the color to the original (excluding white) - Added 3 new hair colors - Fixed some Ego suits - Ego Added a few gifts - Since the number of layers has exceeded, some parts have been put together in another layer ↓ Click here for secondary creation guidelines (must read) ↓ https://steamcommunity.com/games/568220/announcements/detail/3227268492817347386?l=japanese

(Translated by 'Google translate')