That young lady by the water -

That young lady by the water(Translated by 'Google translate')
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!試運転中! 雑さが目立つ白い誰かができます。パーツはそのうち増えるかもしれない。今は少ないのでご愛嬌。うちの子キメラともいいます。 色つけは諦めたので塗り絵とかそんな感じにしてもらって大丈夫です。 自作発言、金銭が発生することに関する使用はNGです。 これで創作キャラとか作ってもらう分にはOKなのでどんどんどうぞ。 #水辺のあの子 ←つけて下さると嬉しいです!

! Test run! Someone white with conspicuous miscellaneous can do. Parts may increase over time. There aren't many now, so please be kind. It is also called my child Chimera. I gave up on coloring, so it's okay to have a coloring book or something like that. Self-made remarks and use related to generating money are not allowed. It's OK to make a creative character with this, so please go ahead. #Mizube no Ako ← I would be happy if you could add it!

(Translated by 'Google translate')