Two individuals! Manufacturer -

Two individuals! Manufacturer(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

絡んでるような2人が作れます。 自作発言・商用以外なら好きなようにどうぞ~! ・口のカラバリは八重歯差分です。 ・後に居る人のパーツが合ってない事が多いですが、  パーツ移動して画像が切れないようにするためです。お手数おかけします! ・互換性ないパーツあります!ランダム崩れます! 【!】加工〇にしました!過度な加工(主に右下のロゴが消える場合)は、元は【メーカー名】or【故(@garyu3126)】という旨を書いていただけたらOKという感じでお願いします!過度かどうか分からない場合はとりあえず書いといてもらえたら嬉しいです!悪意なければどんな加工でもOKですよ! 03/10:各【前髪】更新! 03/22:【後方の人物】に顔装飾α(ヒゲ・プリン頭用など)追加! 03/15,16,18,24:説明文下記に追記 ★他のメーカー↓ 【さんぱくがん!:】 ★報告・感想など(共用なのでメーカー名ご記入ください!)↓ 【載せておきたい頂いたご質問】 ★LINE・Twitter等のアイコンに設定可?⇒OKです!! ★個人利用でのグッズ化大丈夫?⇒OKです!! ★メーカーで作ったキャラを創作キャラ化⇒OKです!! twitter:@garyu3126

You can make two people who are entwined. Self-made remarks - Please do as you like except for commercial use! - Mouth color variation is a double tooth difference. - In many cases, the parts of the person behind me do not match, but This is to prevent the image from being cut by moving the parts. I'm sorry for troubling you! - Some parts are incompatible! Random collapse! [! ] Processed 〇! For excessive processing (mainly when the logo on the lower right disappears), please write that the original is [Manufacturer name] or [Late (@ garyu3126)] and feel OK! If you don't know if it's excessive, I'd be happy if you could write it down for the time being! Any processing is OK as long as it is not malicious! 03/10: Each [bangs] updated! 03/22: Added face decoration α (for beard - pudding head, etc.) to [Person behind]! 03 / 15,16,18,24: Explanation added below ★ Other manufacturers ↓ [Sanpaku cancer! : Https://] ★ Report - Impressions etc. (Because it is shared, please enter the manufacturer name!) ↓ [Questions you would like to post] ★ Can it be set as an icon such as LINE - Twitter? ⇒OK! !! ★ Is it okay to make goods for personal use? ⇒OK! !! ★ Characters made by the manufacturer are converted into creative characters ⇒ OK! !! twitter: @ garyu3126

(Translated by 'Google translate')