Manjuya Sato -

Manjuya Sato(Translated by 'Google translate')
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小さくても視認性の高いまんじゅう画像が作れます。 自由に加工してご利用下さい。 アイコン、チャート系の診断等に。 ...UPDate... 2020-10-05 人外パーツ5種、耳系パーツ10種、装飾系パーツ10種追加 2020-09-18 目5種(表情系の記載を追加)、くち5種、オーラ10種追加 2020-09-15 くち5種、かみ10種、チーク5種追加 2020-09-14 リリース

You can make a manju image with high visibility even if it is small. Please process it freely and use it. For diagnosis of icons and charts. ... UPDate ... 2020-10-05 Added 5 types of external parts, 10 types of ear parts, and 10 types of decorative parts 2020-09-18 Added 5 types of eyes (added facial expression description), 5 types of lips, 10 types of aura 2020-09-15 Added 5 types of lips, 10 types of cheeks, and 5 types of cheeks 2020-09-14 release

(Translated by 'Google translate')