Minimi ni meka -

Minimi ni meka(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ちょこんと座ってる子が作れるメーカー 項目結構多いけどその分自由度高い…はず 色変えで色々変わったりする位置とかパーツは各自合わせたり調節してね ほぼ中の人の趣味 ランダムはオヌヌメしません 自作発言と商品利用さえしなければアイコンとかの使用ok 地道に改良とアイテム追加しております 等身のメーカーも作りたいなーーー 11/21 服とか追加しました アイテム追加要望や質問等あればTwitterかマシュマロにどうぞ Twitter→ マシュマロ→

A maker that can make a child who sits a little There are quite a lot of items, but the degree of freedom is high ... Please adjust and adjust the position and parts that change variously by changing the color. Hobbies of almost middle people Random does not go on If you do not make your own remarks and use the product, you can use icons etc. ok We are steadily improving and adding items. I want to make a life-size maker too. 11/21 I added clothes If you have any requests or questions about adding items, please contact us on Twitter or Marshmallow. Twitter → Marshmallow →

(Translated by 'Google translate')