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I'm brimming with super hobbies(Translated by 'Google translate')
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パーツは随時増やしていきます 作ったキャラの二次創作、SNSアイコンやTRPGへの使用はお好きなようにどうぞ ※ランダムを使うと福笑いみたいになってウケるので非推奨です※ ※オールバックパーツを使う場合は、後ろ髪パーツの位置を良い感じに移動させる事をオススメします※ ※メーカーで作った子をご自身の創作っ子にする場合は、作った子を元にデザインのアレンジを加える等そのままのデザインではない状態でお願いします※ かもね( https://twitter.com/KAMONE_S ) ▽ご意見BOX▽ 【https://odaibako.net/u/KAMONE_S】

We will increase the number of parts as needed Feel free to use the characters you created for secondary creation, SNS icons, and TRPGs. * It is not recommended to use random because it makes you feel like laughing. * When using all-back parts, it is recommended to move the position of the back hair parts to a good feeling * * If you want to make a child made by a manufacturer your own creation, please do not design it as it is, such as adding a design arrangement based on the child you made * Maybe (https://twitter.com/KAMONE_S) ▽ Opinion BOX ▽ [Https://odaibako.net/u/KAMONE_S]

(Translated by 'Google translate')