Charakuta Ameka -

Charakuta Ameka(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

SNSアイコンでもキャラデザのイメージ起こしにでも金銭の発生のない範囲でご自由にどうぞ 加工も可です 割と特殊系です。 ヒト型人外も作れます 顔面の規格とかが物により違う為かなり調整が必要になりますので、編集外面中央右側の十字キーで調整してくださいませ。 現時点でも動かし方次第で色々幅広さんだと思います。 順次パーツは増やしていきますのでお楽しみに(^^) さくしゃ→@_Do_ke4

You can freely process it as long as it does not generate money, whether it is an SNS icon or a character designer image. It is a relatively special system. You can also make humanoids Since the standard of the face differs depending on the object, it needs to be adjusted considerably, so please adjust with the cross key on the right side of the center of the editing outer surface. Even at this point, I think there are many different types depending on how you move it. We will increase the number of parts one by one, so please look forward to it (^^) Crumple → @ _Do_ke4

(Translated by 'Google translate')