inb Men's Me ~ ka ~ -

inb Men's Me ~ ka ~(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

稲葉涼介の絵の男が作れるめ〜か〜。 仮リリースなのでカラバリもパーツも少ないゾ(近いうち増やします) 多分ランダムでも事故は起きませんが基本作画崩壊してるので自分で選んだ方がいいかも。 💕作成した画像は個人で楽しむぶんにはご自由に。アイコンヘッダーなどの利用もご自由に。 💕名前やIDの表記など必須ではありませんがTwitterにて(@matanebaibai)を表記していただけると嬉しくてふぁぼ 🆖自作発言、二次配布は禁止です。

I can make a man with a picture of Ryosuke Inaba. Since it is a temporary release, there are few color variations and parts (more will be added soon) Probably no accident will occur even if it is random, but since the basic drawing has collapsed, it may be better to choose it yourself. 💕 Feel free to enjoy the created images for personal use. Feel free to use icon headers, etc. 💕 Name and ID notation is not required, but I would be happy if you could write (@matanebaibai) on Twitter. 🆖 Self-made remarks and secondary distribution are prohibited.

(Translated by 'Google translate')