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오리온의 겨울 이벤트
Orion's Winter Events(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

본 피크류는 커뮤 오리온의 겨울(@Orion_KHR)에서 이벤트 용으로 제작된 피크류 입니다. 커뮤원 내 인원 외의 사용을 금합니다.//This picrew is made by @orion_khr(twitter), the own character community. It only allow for the community people, who have the character follow the winter of orion. Please do not use this picrew.

(@Orion_KHR) . .//This picrew is made by @orion_khr(twitter), the own personality local area. It just consider the local area individuals, who have the person follow the colder time of year of orion. Kindly don't utilize this picrew.

(Translated by 'Google translate')