Manufacturer of {(Cyber Village) (VOC) (Wolf)} -

Manufacturer of {(Cyber Village) (VOC) (Wolf)}(Translated by 'Google translate')
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本来多人数でプレイする「汝は人狼なりや?」というゲームを、一人で気軽に遊べるフリーゲーム・電脳の村(公式サイトより)、またその次作であるVillege of Cyber(VOC)のキャラ(っぽい)子が作れる二次創作メーカーです。遊びながら開発中の新作・電狼 wolves in cyber (仮)を待とうね~~祭だ~~ ご存知ない方もこれを機会に遊んでみて下さい。下記のリンクよりDL出来ます! 公式サイト: 人狼用アイコン(Azuma)配布元: ※この画像メーカーは、ゲーム制作者・ziverさんとゲーム内で使用されるグラフィック提供者・吾妻東さんに許可をいただいて制作しています。この場を借りて厚く御礼申し上げます。

A free game where you can easily play the game "Are you a human wolf?" That is originally played by a large number of people - Dennou no Mura (from the official website), and the next work, Village of Cyber (VOC) It is a secondary creation maker that can make the character (like) child of. New work under development while playing - Waiting for the electric wolf wolves in cyber (provisional) ~~ It's a festival ~~ If you don't know this, please take this opportunity to play. You can download it from the link below! Official site: Werewolf Icon (Azuma) Distributor: * This image maker is produced with permission from the game creator - ziver and the graphic provider used in the game - Azuma Higashi. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much.

(Translated by 'Google translate')