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Akira equation 1.0(Translated by 'Google translate')
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06/29 公開しましたー!アイテム数218 ----------------------------------------------------------------- 自作発言× 金銭の発生する利用× 常識範囲内の加工○ TRPG相関◎ アイコンなどご自由にどうぞ。報告不要です。 服はほとんど白黒・クトゥルフ要素・人外要素 いいアイデアが浮かんたら更新します、よろしくお願いします 各位玩就是了,反正水印也去不掉(诚恳) 微博@金色国境线,虽然联系我也没啥用,有bug的地方可以自己改改,我累了.jpg

06/29 Released! Number of items 218 -------------------------------------------------- --------------- Self-made remarks × Use that generates money × Processing within the range of common sense ○ TRPG correlation ◎ Feel free to use icons. No report required. Clothes are mostly black and white - Cthulhu element - non-human element I will update it when I have a good idea, thank you. To all of you, the completion of the toy, the anti-Shomizu seal, the watermark Weibo @ Golden Border Line, 虽 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 联 system

(Translated by 'Google translate')