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Okita-san is likewise a manufacturer!(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

fateシリーズの沖田総司の絵を量産出来るメーカーです。(二次創作) 希望パーツあればこちらまで https://marshmallow-qa.com/_a_s_a_k_o?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotion (公式で二次創作自体は許可されているのですが、もし問題あれば削除対応お願いします。→ガイドライン https://www.fate-go.jp/guidelines/ ) アイコンなど画像単体での使用は、商用とR-18目的外であれば可能です。@_a_s_a_k_oかメーカーへのリンクがあると嬉しいです(任意) 画像加工、トリミング等→キャラクターの尊厳を踏みにじらない範囲で可 ノッブメーカー https://picrew.to/image_maker/37176

It is a manufacturer that can mass-produce the pictures of Souji Okita of the fate series. (Derivative work) If you have any desired parts, please contact here https://marshmallow-qa.com/_a_s_a_k_o?utm_medium=url_text&utm_source=promotion (Official secondary creation itself is permitted, but if there is a problem, please delete it. → Guidelines https://www.fate-go.jp/guidelines/) It is possible to use the image alone, such as an icon, for purposes other than commercial and R-18 purposes. I'd be happy if there was a link to @_a_s_a_k_o or the manufacturer (optional) Image processing, trimming, etc. → Possible as long as the dignity of the character is not trampled Knob Maker https://picrew.to/image_maker/37176

(Translated by 'Google translate')