Chemo character producer canine edition -

ケモキャラメーカー 犬編
Chemo character producer canine edition(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ケモキャラメーカー 犬編になります。 楽しんでもらえたら幸いです。 ------------------------------------------------------------- ※目は白目と黒目2種ありますので どちらかを非表示にするのをお忘れなく※ -------------------------------------------------------------  2022/05/01更新 このメーカーで制作したものは 著作権”半”フリーとし 自作発言等なければ 創作キャラクターとしての使用を可にしようと思います。 商用の際や見切れてしまっている部分の描写の希望がある際は twitter【@inodogs】のDMまでお願いします。 要望疑問あれば質問箱へお願いします。 You can use it freely for icons

It will be a chemo character maker dog edition. I hope you enjoy it. -------------------------------------------------- ----------- * There are two types of eyes, white and black. Don't forget to hide either * -------------------------------------------------- ----------- 2022/05/01 update What was made by this maker Copyright "half" free and if you do not make your own remarks I would like to make it possible to use it as a creative character. For commercial use or when there is a desire to depict the part that has been cut off Please contact the DM of twitter [@inodogs]. If you have any questions, please go to the question box. You can use it freely for icons

(Translated by 'Google translate')