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A normal boy(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ありがちな男の子メーカーに大体入ってるパーツばっかりです 初めて作った物なのでパーツのズレがあると思います……すまんの…… わいの気力が上がったら多分微調整とか新パーツとか出来ると思う、多分。 微グロ注意や。色黒(?)な子も出来ちゃいます、 多分されないだろうけど商業利用と自作発言は❌。 アイコンにしたり個人で楽しむ分には別にええです、

It's just the parts that are mostly included in the boy maker that is common It's the first time I made it, so I think there are some gaps in the parts ... I'm sorry ... I think I can make fine adjustments and new parts if my energy rises, maybe. Be careful of slight glow. You can also have a dark-skinned (?) Child, Probably not, but commercial use and self-made remarks ❌. It's different for making it an icon or for personal enjoyment,

(Translated by 'Google translate')