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This me-style youth maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

脱ぐとすごいぞ 商用以外でのご利用が可能です。 仕様上、服を脱がすことができますが配慮が必要な場所でのご使用はお控えください。 パーツや色は随時増やしていく予定です。 ☆2/16(土) 0.2ver更新完了しました! ・前髪パーツ 1種修正(トゲ) 1種追加(アーチ) ・目パーツ 1種修正(まつげ多め・高さ修正) ・口パーツ 1種追加(食いしばり) ・髪@パーツ 1種追加(三つ編み) ・黒子系パーツ 1種追加(髭+老け顔) ・背景パーツ 4種追加(孔雀・交差・穴・街) ・ツノパーツ(左右)新登場! 7種追加 ・眼鏡パーツ新登場! 2種追加 ・怪我パーツ新登場! 4種追加 ・光パーツ新登場! 2種追加 合計23種追加・2種修正 遊びの振れ幅が大きくなりました!お楽しみください! 次回更新日 未定 製作者 @konomes8(

It's amazing when you take it off It can be used for non-commercial purposes. Due to the specifications, you can take off your clothes, but please refrain from using it in places where consideration is required. We plan to increase the number of parts and colors as needed. ☆ 2/16 (Sat) 0.2ver update completed! - Bangs parts 1 type modified (thorn) 1 type added (arch) - Eye parts 1 type correction (more eyelashes - height correction) - 1 type of mouth part added (clenched) - Hair @ Parts 1 type added (braid) - 1 type of mole parts added (beard + old face) - Added 4 types of background parts (Peacock - Crossing - Hole - Town) - Tsuno parts (left and right) are now available! 7 types added - New eyeglass parts! 2 types added - Injury parts are now available! 4 types added - Introducing optical parts! 2 types added Added 23 types in total - 2 types modified The range of play has increased! Please enjoy! Next update date undecided Producer @ konomes8 (

(Translated by 'Google translate')