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Eye maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

あなたのお好みのお目め+αが作れます。 ごちゃごちゃした目が得意です。 キャラの再現はもちろん、創作のアイデア出しなどにもどうぞ! ☆できること☆ ◎このメーカーを元にした二次創作(見たい) ◎トリミング ◎個人利用(アイコン・ヘッダーもOK) ◎上記に関しては切り取って並べたりするのもOKです!  どこかにメーカー名を載せてくださるとHAPPYです。 ×自作発言・トレス ×二次配布 ×商用利用 ※それぞれのパーツの可動域が大きいためランダムだと形が崩れやすいです。ランダムの後はいい感じに微調整してください。特に白目と瞼の接続面で事故ります。 ※不具合・追加してほしいパーツなどはこちらにでも→https://marshmallow-qa.com/kakakakat_2525 ■暇なときに随時更新予定。現在オッドアイに挑戦中。 1/31 リリース 2/2 瞳孔・頬・髪・眉に新アイテム追加   新パーツ「グラデ」「顔色」「ライト」追加(※試用中) 2/6 一部パーツの可動域を少し拡大 自由と引き換えにより事故りやすくなりました 2/21 一部パーツの可動域を変更 変更できる範囲は同じですがより自然な位置になるよう調整 3/4 大型アプデ!カラーバリエーション髪7色・眉6色追加   その他ちょこっとパーツ追加してます 4/21 可動域の微調整 9/7 マシュマロの質問に関して「できること」を編集 制作:かかT @kakakakaT_2525

You can make your favorite eyes + α. I am good at messy eyes. Not only can you reproduce the characters, but you can also come up with creative ideas! ☆ What you can do ☆ ◎ Derivative work based on this maker (I want to see it) ◎ Trimming ◎ Personal use (icon - header is also OK) ◎ Regarding the above, it is OK to cut and arrange them! If you put the manufacturer name somewhere, it will be HAPPY. × Self-made remarks - Torres × Secondary distribution × Commercial use * Since the range of motion of each part is large, it is easy to lose its shape if it is random. After random, fine-tune it to a nice feeling. Especially, the accident occurs on the connection surface between the white of the eyes and the eyelids. * Bug - Click here for parts you want to add → https://marshmallow-qa.com/kakakakat_2525 ■ Scheduled to be updated at any time in my spare time. Currently challenging odd-eyed cats. 1/31 release 2/2 Pupil - Cheeks - Hair - New items added to eyebrows New parts "Gradation", "Complex" and "Light" added (* Trial) 2/6 The range of motion of some parts has been expanded a little. In exchange for freedom, accidents have become easier. 2/21 Change the range of motion of some parts The range that can be changed is the same, but adjusted to a more natural position 3/4 Large Appde! Color variations 7 colors of hair - 6 colors of eyebrows added Other parts are added a little 4/21 Fine adjustment of range of motion 9/7 Edit "What You Can Do" for Marshmallow Questions Produced by: Kaka T @ kakakakaT_2525

(Translated by 'Google translate')