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Baias Boy Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

⚠未完成⚠ 試運転中です。 主に普通の男の子からゴシック風だったり人外だったりする偏った男の子まで作れるようになる予定です。 なんだかんだ言って多分女の子も全然作れます。 ※流血、暴力表現あり。 ※合わないパーツがあるのでランダム非推奨。 ランダムだと高確率で出血します。 〇 SNS等のアイコンやこのメーカーを元にしたキャラクター作成、TRPG等の立ち絵、軽度の加工 ✖商用利用、トレース、原型をとどめない程の加工、二次配布、自作発言など 随時更新。 5/5 横髪パーツ10種、結髪パーツ4種、髪色2色追加 5/7 髪色3色追加 5/9 装飾パーツ(ピアスなど)追加、前髪ズレ修正 ハイライト4種追加 ─追加予定─ ・髪色 ・手 ・服の種類(上着、修道服、メイド服、和服等) ・角、獣耳 ・背景

⚠ Unfinished ⚠ Test run is in progress. We are planning to be able to make mainly ordinary boys to biased boys who are Gothic or out of the ordinary. After all, maybe you can make girls at all. * There are bloody and violent expressions. * Random is not recommended as some parts do not fit. If it is random, there is a high probability of bleeding. 〇 Icons such as SNS and character creation based on this maker, standing pictures such as TRPG, light processing ✖ Commercial use, tracing, processing beyond the prototype, secondary distribution, self-made remarks, etc. Updated from time to time. 5/5 Added 10 types of side hair parts, 4 types of hairdressing parts, and 2 hair colors 5/7 Added 3 hair colors 5/9 Decorative parts (pierced earrings, etc.) added, bangs misalignment correction highlight 4 types added ─ Will be added ─ - Hair color - hand - Types of clothes (jacket, monastic clothes, maid clothes, Japanese clothes, etc.) - Weapons, animal ears - background

(Translated by 'Google translate')