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Iruna kid maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

イルーナのおしゃれを参考にしたものです(o'ω'o)ノ ◆パーツが左右セットのものは同じ組み合わせにアルファベットが書いてあるので参考までに 横髪も左右セットですがアルファベット書き忘れました もちろんバラバラに組み合わせても大丈夫 ◆服はカラーを指定してませんが3種類選べます ◆色テキトーなので合わないパーツ結構あります ◆スタンプ入れたり文字入れたり加工はお好きなように! アイコンにも使って大丈夫です ◆商用利用× 自作発言×

It is based on the fashion of Iruna (o'ω'o) no ◆ For the left and right parts set, the alphabet is written in the same combination, so for reference, the side hair is also the left and right set, but I forgot to write the alphabet Of course it is okay to combine them separately ◆ The color of the clothes is not specified, but you can choose 3 types. ◆ Because it is a color texto, there are quite a few parts that do not fit ◆ Put stamps, put letters, and process as you like! You can use it as an icon ◆ Commercial use × Self-made remarks ×

(Translated by 'Google translate')