Humanity Marumochiya Plan -

Humanity Marumochiya Plan(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

人類ちいこくしたら大体可愛いっておばあちゃんが言ってた! ☀️髪型や服はちまちま足していきます ☀️結構移動できるようにしてあるので、お好みの位置にパーツを動かしたりしてください〜 ❌アダルト、暴力、差別、誹謗中傷等、公序良俗に反するコンテンツでの利用 ❌Picrewで作成した画像をそのまま、もしくは加工して再配布すること ❌自作発言・自作発言ともとれる言動 Twitter→@mazusounaimo

Grandma said that human beings are pretty cute! ☀️ Hairstyles and clothes will be added in various ways ☀️ It is designed so that it can be moved quite a bit, so please move the parts to the desired position ~ ❌ Use for content that is offensive to public order and morals, such as adult, violence, discrimination, and false accusation ❌ To redistribute images created with Picrew as they are, or after processing them. ❌ Self-made remarks - Words and actions that can be taken as self-made remarks Twitter → @mazusounaimo

(Translated by 'Google translate')