Non-human female manufacturer -

Non-human female manufacturer(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

俺得メーカー。ついでに誰かに刺されば(とっても)嬉しいなぁという気持ちで作成。 新たな可能性も見えたりするので、ランダムもわりとおすすめです。ただ全てのパーツをつけると属性デパートみたいになるので、その辺りはお好みで調整してやってください。 まだパーツの量は少なめですが、随時追加予定。至らない点もあるかと思いますが、良ければ遊んでいってください。 男子Ver.→ 3/22:リリース 3/27:パーツ追加 不具合、不明点等何かありましたらこちらまで → [email protected]

I'm a good maker. I created it with the feeling that I would be happy if someone stabbed me (very). Random is also recommended as you can see new possibilities. However, if you attach all the parts, it will look like an attribute department store, so please adjust that area to your liking. The amount of parts is still small, but we plan to add more at any time. I think there are some points that cannot be reached, but please play if you like. Men's Ver. → 3/22: Release 3/27: Parts added If you have any problems, questions, etc., please contact here → [email protected]

(Translated by 'Google translate')