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A producer whose youngster is charming today(Translated by 'Google translate')
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うちの子が今日も可愛くて仕方がない!!! *1/26 おくち 追加 *1/22 まえがみ、かみがた 追加 髪色を増やしました(紺) *1/21 うちの子かわいい文字 追加 髪色を増やしました(赤、黄、紫、緑) ほかの色で希望が来たらまた増やします 随時更新していきます アイコンや創作っ子作りなどご自由にお使いください ご要望があれば @itika_yuki こちらまでご連絡下さい

My child is so cute today too! !! !! * 1/26 Add * 1/22 Addition of preface and hairstyle Increased hair color (navy blue) * 1/21 Add cute characters to my child Increased hair color (red, yellow, purple, green) I will increase it again when hope comes in other colors I will update it from time to time Feel free to use it for icons and making children. @Itika_yuki if requested Please contact us

(Translated by 'Google translate')