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Taeko style girl(Translated by 'Google translate')
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🎶🎶好みの女を作ろう!!🎶🎶 3/19 前髪11種類くらい追加 作者の好みで作ったのでパーツや色に偏りがあります。 主に顔面のバランスがおかしくなることがありますので移動して調整してください! ガバガバなので組み合わせによっては色々おかしくなります。 服が全体的にダサいのは作者のセンスがないので仕方ないね👶 ⭕️SNSのアイコンなど個人での利用⭕️ ❌自作発言、再配布❌ ⭕️反転やちょっとした加筆などの加工⭕️ ❌悪意のあるものや過度な加工は❌

🎶🎶 Make your favorite woman! !! 🎶🎶 3/19 Added about 11 types of bangs Since it was made according to the author's taste, there is a bias in parts and colors. Mainly the balance of the face may be out of order, so move and adjust! Since it is loose, it may be strange depending on the combination. It can't be helped because the clothes are not good as a whole because there is no sense of the author 👶 ⭕️ Personal use such as SNS icons ⭕️ ❌ Self-made remarks, redistribution ❌ ⭕️ Processing such as inversion and slight addition ⭕️ ❌ Malicious or excessive processing ❌

(Translated by 'Google translate')