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Easy maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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某試験にインスピレーションを受けましたが、他にもいろいろな野菜や果物のキャラクターが作れます。背景、配置の違いを除いても、作れるパーツの組み合わせはなんと2000億通り以上!!(1/25現在)自分だけの野菜キャラが作れます! どうぞ遊んで行って下さい^^ 縦長の野菜がある関係上、顔のパーツのとれる範囲を広くしたので、ランダムにするとバランスが崩れがちかもです。 帽子、アクセサリーパーツを追加しました(1/25) 作った人( @MKusatuta )

I was inspired by a certain exam, but I can also make various other vegetable and fruit characters. Even excluding the difference in background and arrangement, there are more than 200 billion combinations of parts that can be made! !! (As of 1/25) You can make your own vegetable character! Please play with me ^^ Since there are vertically long vegetables, the range of facial parts that can be taken is widened, so if you make them random, the balance may tend to be lost. Added hats and accessory parts (1/25) The person who made it (@MKusatuta)

(Translated by 'Google translate')