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Eli Paper Doll Universe (Updating(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

心血来潮做的小游戏。 衣服很少,最近有点忙2020年初再更新。 皮肤、眼珠和头发的可选颜色比较多,不多试试看的话我就白费大力气了_(:з」∠)_ 部分配件还可以调整位置来达到你喜欢的效果。 可能有一些小瑕疵,感谢您的包涵。 ※个人名义、非商业使用,转载发布时请附带来源网址 ※禁止二次修改(指改动线条形状、颜色等,修正小bug后自用除外) ※如果使用随机,很可能会后悔。 联系作者: Weibo:@ElyCorvus E-mail:[email protected]

A small game made on a whim. There are very few clothes, and it's been a bit busy recently to update in early 2020. There are many options for skin, eyeballs and hair. If you don’t try it out, I will be wasting my efforts _(:з」∠)_ Some accessories can also be adjusted to achieve the effect you like. There may be some small flaws, thank you for your patience. ※Personal name, non-commercial use, please attach the source URL when reprinting and publishing ※Second modification is prohibited (referring to changing the shape and color of lines, except for personal use after minor bugs are corrected) ※If you use random, you will probably regret it. Contact the author: Weibo: @ElyCorvus E-mail: [email protected]

(Translated by 'Google translate')