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Kochika Maker Plus(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

かわいいプラスサイズキャラクターがつくれる!やったー! ◇◇◇ 作った画像は規約範囲内でSNSなどのアイコンにご利用いただけます その際は #コチカメーカープラス で作ったことをどこかに記載していただくとうれしくありがたい気持ちがあります また、アイコンにご利用の場合、嫌がらせ行為や差別的な発言などは絶対にしないでください! メーカー作者はトランス差別含むあらゆる差別に反対しています ◇◇◇ ぜひ遊んで、楽しんでください! 作者:コチカナオ【Twitter@kochika_nao】 ーーー You can make cute plus-size characters! Yay! ◇◇◇ Icons You can use the images you create as icons for social networking sites within the scope of the terms and conditions. In that case, we would be very happy and grateful if you could mention somewhere that you made it with #コチカメーカープラス. If you use it as an icon, please do not harass or make discriminatory remarks! The maker is against all forms of discrimination, including trans discrimination. ◇◇◇ Please play and enjoy! Author: Kochika Nao [Twitter @kochika_nao]. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

SNS # Twitter@kochika_nao You can make adorable hefty size characters! Yippee! Symbols You can utilize the pictures you make as symbols for long range informal communication locales inside the extent of the agreements. All things considered, we would be extremely blissful and thankful if you would specify some place that you made it with #. In the event that you use it as a symbol, kindly don't bother or offer prejudicial comments! The creator is against all types of segregation, including trans separation. If it's not too much trouble, play and appreciate! Creator: Kochika Nao [Twitter @kochika_nao]. Deciphered with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

(Translated by 'Google translate')