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帥是一個字 卻跟了我一輩子
Handsome is a word however it has been with me all my life(Translated by 'Google translate')
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哈囉大家好,我是THE_謝,這次是初次使用Picrew分享以及創作,歡迎大家把自己的孩子分享到Instagram的限時動態貼文並標記hsieh_llllllllll,我會幫大家分享到版上,上色的部分歡迎大家自行上色,或是找我幫忙上色哦!!如需高清版也可以私訊Instagram獲取。 みなさん、こんにちは。私はTHE_ HSIEHです。Picrewを使用して共有と作成を行うのはこれが初めてです。Instagramの期間限定の動的投稿で子供を共有し、hsieh_llllllllllにタグを付けることを歓迎します。ページと色で共有するのを手伝います自分で色付けするか、色付けのお手伝いをお願いします!!高解像度バージョンが必要な場合は、Instagramにプライベートメッセージを送信して入手することもできます。 ↓↓Instgram↓↓ https://www.instagram.com/hsieh_llllllllll/ ※作品皆可分享以及個人使用以及創作 ※作品は共有できるだけでなく、個人的な使用や作成も可能です ※上色以及高清版會小額收費哦 ※カラーリング、高精細バージョンは少額の手数料がかかります

哈囉大家好,I am THE_Xie,Next is the first use Picrew sharing and creation,Welcome to the owner grabbing the self-made child's share on Instagram hsieh_llllllllll,I'll share the owner's share on the version,Upgraded Partially welcomed the landlord on his own, or maybe I'm busy! hello everyone. I am THE_HSIEH. This is my first time using Picrew to share and create. You are welcome to share your kids in a limited-time dynamic post on Instagram and tag hsieh_llllllllll. Page and color to help you share Color it yourself or help me color it!! If you want the high resolution version you can also private message me on Instagram to get it. ↓↓Instagram↓↓ https://www.instagram.com/hsieh_llllllllll/ * All works can be shared, used for personal use, or created. * Works can not only be shared, but also can be used and created for personal use. * Small fee for high-quality printing and high-quality printing * A small fee will be charged for coloring and high-definition versions.

(Translated by 'Google translate')