give birth to a dusk bird -

give birth to a dusk bird(Translated by 'Google translate')
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落日禽/kuretori/暮れ鳥 物種規則請見: *因為物件很多所以隨機的時候可能會產生怪異 *因為部位的色上限為18色,可以接受自行更改顏色 (沒有想要的顏色可自行選擇白色再進行修改) *某些項目有相似顏色代表更換顏色有不同的樣貌 <禁止> *商用 *宣稱自作 *將必要條件去除 *惡意塗改、惡意文字、圖案 ----- 未來依序更新: 臉紋顏色補完、翅膀色/花&尾巴色/花補完 新增身紋、新增配件&武器、新增背景、前髮、鬢角、後髮補完...更多 ----- 我的推特: FB注目標記@曦向鵲

For the rules of the sunset bird/kuretori/twilight bird species please see: *Because there are many objects, it may be strange when random. *Because the upper limit of the color of the parts is 18 colors, it is acceptable to change the color by yourself (If there is no desired color, you can choose white and then modify it) *Some items have similar colors, which means that the replacement color has a different appearance <prohibited> *Commercial* Claims to be made by yourself*Remove the necessary conditions*Malicious alterations, malicious text, patterns ------ Future updates in sequence: Finished face pattern color, wing color/flower & tail color/flower finish added body pattern, added accessories & weapons, added background, front hair, sideburns, back hair...more ---- My Twitter: FB pay attention to the mark @xixiangque

(Translated by 'Google translate')