Morning Kimera -

Morning Kimera(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

適当に青年が作れます(聖職風味がほんのりやんわり若干濃いめ) まだまだパーツ少ないですがキャラ練りなどご自由に使っていただければ!お洋服を描くのが苦手なのでシンプルなもの多めです😿 原型がなくならない程度であれば加工は自由です◎暇つぶしにでもなれば嬉C 今のところやっちゃダメなこと× ・当メーカーの自作発言 ・当メーカーで作成した画像の自作発言 ・商用利用 気分でパーツ増えます!

Youth can be made appropriately (the priestly flavor is slightly darker) There are still few parts, but please feel free to use it for character kneading! I'm not good at drawing clothes, so there are a lot of simple things 😿 Processing is free as long as the prototype does not disappear ◎ I am happy if it can be used to kill time C Things you shouldn't do for now × - Our manufacturer's self-made remarks - Self-made remarks of images created by this manufacturer - Commercial use More parts depending on your mood!

(Translated by 'Google translate')