Good quality uncle. (Overlooked) -

Good quality uncle. (Overlooked)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

OK😁→このメーカー単体での画像投稿、リンクシェア (OK: Post a picture of this one "alone", Share a "link". Only‼️) NG😵→アイコン、TRPG(立ち絵・キャラ練りは× 再現は○)、他メーカーと一緒に画像投稿、その他も大体NG (NG:icon,TRPG, Other generally prohibited) ヒト科のお上品なおじさんしか作れません(作らせません)。 どう見てもベータ版だし自分用。規約違反、ゆるさん。 2022.06 正式名称「良質なおじさまをキメてぇメーカー。」爆誕 要望・他(服の要望は聞きません)☞

OK 😁 → Image posting and link sharing by this manufacturer alone (OK: Post a picture of this one "alone", Share a "link". Only‼ ️) NG 😵 → Icon, TRPG (Standing picture - Character kneading is × Reproduction is ○), Image posting with other makers, etc. (NG: icon, TRPG, Other generally prohibited) Only an elegant uncle of the hominid family can make (cannot make). It's a beta version by all means, and it's for myself. Violation of the rules, Yuru-san. 2022.06 Official name "Manufacturer of good quality uncle." Request - Other (I do not ask for clothes) ☞

(Translated by 'Google translate')