Ask the begonia to gobble the flowers -

Ask the begonia to gobble the flowers(Translated by 'Google translate')
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萬兔萬兔! 這是為慶祝Vtuber蘆棠布奈生日及一周年 由乳酸菌(粉絲名)繪製的線上花籃 完成後可直接發佈也可下載加工 發佈時記得加上tag #請蘆棠吃花花 牛牛才能搜到你的花籃喔! (使用系統預設推特發佈已經設置好tag) ※※ 如未自行加工蘆棠布奈相關圖案 請勿使用「蘆棠萬兔」tag 以利與一般FanArt區隔 謝謝各位! 使用右上橘底X or右下あそぶ 開始使用

Thousands of rabbits! This is to celebrate Vtuber Lutang Bunet's birthday and 1st anniversary Online flower basket drawn by lactobacillus (fan name) After completion, it can be published directly or downloaded for processing Remember to add the tag #Please Lutang Eat Huahua when posting Only Niuniu can find your flower basket! (Use the system default Twitter post to have a set tag) ※※ If you have not processed the related patterns of the asparagus by yourself Do not use the tag "Lutang Wantu" Eli is different from general FanArt Thank you! Use the upper right orange bottom X or the lower right あそぶ to start using

(Translated by 'Google translate')