Manufacturers who are totally endowed with parts adjustment -

Manufacturers who are totally endowed with parts adjustment(Translated by 'Google translate')
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※以下を必ず読んでください タイトル通りのメーカーなのでもう煮るなり焼くなり…と言いたいところなのですが、許容範囲はあるので示しておきます ---------------------------------------------------------- ⭕️ ・加工(原型を留める範囲内)   ・個人の利用内での使用(SNSアイコン等)   ・作成した子を元にキャラ作成    →作成した子は自由に描いてくださって構いません ❌ ・商用利用   ・トレース   ・自作発言   ・悪意ある加工・加筆 (ないとは思いますが…) ---------------------------------------------------------- 以上を理解した上で当メーカーをご利用ください      皆さんの自創作のお役に立てれば幸いです~ これは謝罪なのですが、本当に超アバウトにパーツを作ったので、タイトル通りパーツ調整がめちゃくちゃ肝心になってきます。申し訳ありませんが、パーツ移動などでの微調整をよろしくお願いします。まだまだメーカーとして拙い部分はありますが初心者故お手柔らかに… 手2を使うときは横髪であ~~って感じになりますがご理解ください できる限りのことはやり尽くしました。このメーカーを生かすも殺すも貴方のパーツ調整次第です。こちらからは以上です ここまで読んでくださった方に感謝申し上げます 何かありましたらこちらへ↓

* Please be sure to read the following Since it is a manufacturer as the title says, I would like to say that it will be boiled or baked ... but I will show it because there is an allowable range. -------------------------------------------------- -------- ⭕️ - processing (within the range where the prototype is retained) - Use within personal use (SNS icon, etc.) - Create a character based on the created child → You can freely draw the created child. ❌ - Commercial use - trace - Self-made remarks - Malicious processing - Addition (I don't think it is ...) -------------------------------------------------- -------- Please use this manufacturer after understanding the above. I hope it will be useful for your own creation ~ This is an apology, but since I really made the parts super-about, the parts adjustment becomes insanely important as the title suggests. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please make fine adjustments such as moving parts. There are still some parts that I'm not good at as a manufacturer, but since I'm a beginner, it's easy ... When you use hand 2, it feels like you have side hair ~~, but please understand I've done everything I can. It's up to you to adjust your parts to save or kill this maker. That's all from here Thank you for reading this far If you have any questions, click here ↓

(Translated by 'Google translate')