Deformed round and round -

Deformed round and round(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

デフォルメのヒトが作れます ・やたら上下左右移動や回転拡大ができるパーツがあります。ガバガバなんで好きに移動させまくってください ・流血表現注意 ・全てランダムにするとクリーチャーが作れます たのしいよ ○アイコン使用可、二次創作可 ×画像の加筆、加工、商用利用、自作発言、トレース、二次配布 基本的にpicrew公式の規約通りです あとは好きにあそんでね!!! :11月3日 目の色追加 :10月15日公開 パーツ等随時更新予定 何かあれば

You can make deformed humans - There are parts that can be moved up / down / left / right and rotated. Please move it as you like - Bleeding expression attention - You can make creatures by randomizing everything. It's fun. ○ Icons can be used, secondary creation is possible × Image addition, processing, commercial use, self-made remarks, traces, secondary distribution Basically, it is as per the picrew official rules. !! !! : Added eye color on November 3rd: Scheduled to be updated at any time such as parts released on October 15th

(Translated by 'Google translate')