Mochi producer 2 -

Mochi producer 2(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Twitter @_hinaMochiakhi_ ❥+(σ ' - ')σ 一応ランダムでも大丈夫そうな形で作ってみました。   --おまけの調整* --メガネ追加   --おまけについて-- 親友の代表物や知り合い間のネタとか、 謎のままゆるキャラとか思って、使っても大歓迎です。 * *今このパーツは非公開と設定し、メニューに表示 されていませんが、ランダムは出るという形で。 * *  試作含めて、遊んで頂いてありがとうございます。 ==簡單的補上中文附註== 個人利用/加工用作於平台頭貼,不用告知 如果能附註繪者名(khi) 或是此紙娃連結會很感謝。 附贈區的生物目前只以隨機的形式會出現, 依然歡迎在利用許可範圍內使用

Twitter @_hinaMochiakhi_ ❥ + (σ'-') σ I tried to make it in a shape that seems to be okay even if it is random. --Bonus adjustment * --Add glasses --About bonus-- The representatives of my best friends and the stories between acquaintances Even if you think that it is a mascot as a mystery, you are welcome to use it. * * Now this part is set to private and is not displayed in the menu, but in the form of randomness. * * Thank you for playing with us, including the prototype. == Simple supplementary Chinese note == Personal use / processing work Yujaku Rise, non-use notice Yujaku Noh Note (khi) Thank you for connecting this paper. Random-like creatures appearing in front of you, Still using the permission to use the residence

(Translated by 'Google translate')