Indigo coloring man maker -

Indigo coloring man maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

藍染がとりあえず作ってみたくてちょこちょこ弄っただけだから、パーツの大小や回転はできないしアクセサリーも全然少ないけども、随時追加していこうと思ってます。 目指せ痒いところに手が届くメーカー! アイコンやアバター等に使用するのは構いませんが、自作発言やトレス、2次配布などはご遠慮願います。 こういう書かなくても分かるようなマナーは破らないでね!書かれてないからって足元をすくうようなことをするのもダメだからな?!カエルさんとの約束だぞ!🐸! 何かございましたらTwitter: @aizome_kerori まで

Aizen just wanted to make it for the time being, so I just played around with it, so I can't rotate the parts or rotate them, and there aren't many accessories at all, but I'll add them as needed. Aim for a maker that can reach the itch! You can use it for icons, avatars, etc., but please refrain from making your own remarks, tresses, secondary distribution, etc. Don't break the manners that you can understand without writing like this! Isn't it bad to scoop your feet because it's not written? !! It's a promise with a frog! 🐸! If you have any questions, please contact us on Twitter: @aizome_kerori

(Translated by 'Google translate')